About Us


Arriba Taqueria is Budapest’s version of a gourmet Mexican food stand. We serve fresh Mexican food in a friendly atmosphere. The founders are Hungarian-Americans who believe that customer satisfaction comes first. Our goal is to offer our guests delicous Mexican food and great service. What else matters?

Our walls feature original hand-painted murals reminiscent of Mexican street art.

At Arriba we combine the food of Mexican taquerias with San Francisco-style burritos filled with, well, everything you want. Our menu also includes Quesadillas, Fish Tacos, and TexMex treats like Jalapeño Poppers, Chili con Carne and Taquitos. Buen Provecho!


Taquerias originated in Mexico City in the 1960s. A taqueria is a traditional Mexican taco stand, with food made to order in front of the customer. The taco is a mainstay of Mexican cuisine - it is eaten throughout the day at taquerias all over Mexico and Hispanic areas of North America. The most traditional taco is made with corn tortillas and charcoal grilled meats, topped with green or red salsa and a squeeze of lime. Many taquerias have their meats displayed on a vertical spit, where the “taquero” slices it directly onto the tortilla.